Professional Window Cleaning

Traditional Window Cleaning Method

clean_windows_insetThe traditional style of window cleaning is done with a scrubber and a squeegee. The solution of water is made of soaps and other agents that clean the glass extremely well and leaves it cleaner, longer.

This method is still used today by Good Looking Glass for interior windows. When cleaning the inside of your windows, we use “tarps” so no damage is done to your floors or furniture. When furniture must be moved, we place it right back in its original position so you won’t even know that it’s been moved!

Our service includes wet scraping of all your windows, wiping down frames and professionally cleaning your screens as part of our service to you. We provide free estimates based on the size, type and height of your windows to insure accuracy in our bidding process.

Good Looking Glass is bonded and insured for your protection. We only want the best for our customers!


Water-Fed Pole Technology is fairly new to us, yet It has been around for approximately 20+ years.  We made a commitment to use the best practices for our customers therefore, we have upgraded our service using this system on all our outside window cleaning. It is the best and most efficient way to clean the exterior windows. We have also manufactured our own water purification machine that we use to get PURE WATER. Here are some reason we think this technology is more advanced:

  1. It is the “greenest” way to clean. We are using pure water and nothing else. This is the best water for watering plants and all vegetation. It contains no minerals or any imperfections.
  2. No soaps or chemicals. No residues from soaps or chemicals; no thinking about if your pets and children are going to be harmed.
  3. It is better for all involved. We don’t have as much risk with this method, and neither do you. No ladders leaning on your house or gutters, and no danger of our technicians falling off of them.