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Good Looking Glass keeps homes and businesses sparkling clean with detailed window cleaning, power washing and gutter cleaning services in Houston, (Texas) and its surrounding areas. Our professional team combines the most advanced window cleaning and power washing systems available with over 30 years of experience to bring a safe, powerful clean to every job. Our window cleaning staff bring windows back to their clean, original shine.  They also power wash driveways, sidewalks, pool and patio surfaces for a flawless façade and impressive curb appeal. Our advanced machines are powerful enough to eliminate, grit and stains yet gentle enough to preserve delicate stonework, brickwork, stucco and surrounding plants. Our technicians take pride in their eye for detail and complete, meticulous cleansing in all situations. By having your windows cleaned, power washing done, and gutters cleaned out regularly, will help you to eliminate years of build-up and transform your home or business looking fresh and new!  It is certainly true that clean, bright surfaces take years off of old buildings and homes, and helps to restore them to their original elegance.

Contact us to find out more about our services and call our Houston, Texas, location at 713-973-7035 to book window cleaning, power washing or gutter cleaning for your home or business.

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